Integrative Reiki


Thank you for joining me and my passion to help people make sense of their Life Purpose through Reiki, Cord Cutting, and Intuitive Readings. I look forward to working with you! If you’re in the Sacramento area, click here to schedule an in-person appointment. Distance Reiki sessions are also available.

Why Get Reiki?

Perhaps you’ve been feeling stuck and not sure how to move forward? Traumas, unhealthy habits, regrets? These conditions can cause a leach in our energy, our Qi (Chi), resulting in such concerns as physical ailments and long-standing mental and emotional ruts.

Reiki seeks to refill and strengthen your Qi, increasing your will to heal the wounds, the negative, and the static. You’ll leave feeling relaxed and renewed with Reiki. Let Reiki help you begin your healing.


What’s New?

MARCH IS SOCIAL WORK MONTH! When social workers (and related fields and staff) schedule an Integrative Reiki session anytime in March, they’ll receive $25 off (normally $65)! Click here for more details. Gift certificates are also available for the social worker in your life. Don’t forget to spread the love by sharing! Thanks!

Also, I’m settling into a wonderful little space on the outskirts of downtown. Thank you to all my lovely clients who’ve supported me through all the changes! You’re the best!

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