Refill your Qi cup with Integrative Reiki


Join me and my passion to help people make sense of their Life Purpose through Reiki, Cord Cutting, and Intuitive Readings. I look forward to working with you! If you’re in the Sacramento area, click here to schedule an in-person appointment. Distance Reiki sessions are also available.

Why Get Reiki?

Everything is connected. Past occurrences still affect us. Today’s actions will affect our future. The possibility of what lies ahead affects our now. The energy of those events can be tapped into with a mere memory, thought, or intention.

Reiki is a channel of energy, well-known for its ability to never harm nor be forced upon anyone, making it one of those perfect little morsels of life. It resonates only with intentions that align with our highest good. Reiki is a form of healing energy that helps correct our Qi’s imbalances and deficiencies, increasing our will to heal on all levels. Relax and refill your qi cup with Reiki.


What’s New?

If you haven’t heard yet, I started making Reiki-infused soy candles! Each candle comes with 2 raw crystals and is charged with Reiki and a healing intention. It’s now easier than ever to receive your daily dose of Reiki…and from the comfort of your own home! They make wonderful gifts for your party hosts, loved ones, and especially for yourself!

I’ve got 3 small batches available right now, so don’t miss out! Love to you, friends!

<3 Courtney
Refill your Qi cup