Are you in the greater Sacramento, CA area and looking for additional services to round out your Reiki treatments? Check out my list of recommended affiliates. It’s full of wonderful, knowledgeable, and friendly professionals that I’ve had the privilege of working with, as well as received healings from.


Carmelo Bantique, D.C.
3301 Watt Ave #400, 95821
(916) 483-3423
Also visit his blog here.

Direct Intuitive, Flower Essences, & Meditation

Lillian Arroyo
In-home sessions available (Ventura County only)
(916) 572-4631

Holistic Prenatal Massage & Essential Oils

Massage by Mckenzie
In-home sessions available
(916) 690-4046

Massage & Nutritional Response Testing

Karameli Thomas
3830 Watt Ave, ste 10, 95821
(916) 868-4165

Products & Classes

The Reiki Awakening Academy
Products or online courses for Reiki, Intuition, Pendulums, and other tools for Healing. If you find something you’d like to purchase, let me know and I’ll send you a special link. I also post some of their classes and products periodically with my special link.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate for the classes and products I recommend from The Reiki Awakening Academy. I earn a commission if you purchase items through my links (the price you pay remains the same). Thank you in advance for your support! If you are interested in becoming an official affiliate and earning money through referrals, here’s the link to sign up under me.