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My reading was amazing and reminded me of how easily we can neglect aspects of our lives that are not tangible. As I read through her follow up, I contemplated how a complete stranger could know so much about things that are so personal, I would never share them. Some of my own personal insecurities and fears were there, written out chakra by chakra.
I felt vulnerable, but in all honesty…her kind words of encouragement and the gentle recommendations that she left me with, made me feel optimistic.
A reading is something that I would recommend for anyone, but especially those who are struggling to find a balance.
– Salina R. (Distance Reiki Session)

Hi Courtney! Today’s session was invigorating! As usual you are spot on about my chakras. I actually felt a warm, comforting sensation coming through my crown today almost like the sun but I’m in my bedroom laying down so it wasn’t the sun :). I didn’t know if it was just my imagination but from your observations it seems like I did feel it! Lol. […] I definitely feel a lot less anxiety and depression. Courtney I don’t even know if you realize how much you are helping me but you are most definitely a God Send. It even crossed my mind if you might be my Guardian Angel lol. I can’t wait to meet you in person. The cards were beautiful today I loved every one of them.
– Mea W. (Distance Reiki Session)

Courtney is a sensitive therapist, using deep tissue and reiki to remove blocks and clear channels. She is an excellent practitioner for someone seeking natural health and wellness.
– Janette M.

I’ve gotten a reiki/massage session and a reiki/reading session from Courtney. Both were amazing!!!! I was as relaxed with reiki only as I was with the reiki/massage combo. I wouldn’t call myself a spa junkie but I’ve had my share of experiences and this beats any of those massage chains out there. She is madly professional, has a calm, happy energy that really allows you to fall into a deeply relaxing place. Courtney is also extremely intuitive, she new exactly what i needed without me having to direct her. Her pricing is a steal for what you get. You will walk out her door with a centered happiness gushing out of you.
– Nicole I.

I have been seeing Courtney for massage therapy since the beginning of 2011. I try to get in to see her once a month, which is very easy since her schedule is so flexible and accommodating. I usually make my appointments when I feel the stress and pressure of my busy schedule causing tension in my shoulders and back. Courtney makes a point to find out where I need the most work and always determines the appropriate amount of pressure to work out any knots or tension while ensuring my comfort.
Every time I leave, I can feel the relaxation in my shoulders, the release of tension in my back, and an overall calming sensation that helps me to maintain a peaceful balance of emotion. Courtney also educates me on stretches and activities that I can do on my own to help keep the balance between appointments. 
I recommend her to family and friends because I am confident in her ability to satisfy any needs, from basic muscle relaxation to improvement of health or mobility. Courtney is educated in her field and continues to seek additional knowledge. She is always sharing this knowledge to help her clients improve their quality of life.
– Stephanie M.

Courtney is amazing at what she does, and I know that she is the real deal. A few months back, I suddenly had an intense pain in the back of my legs. I looked up information online, called the advice nurse, and got nowhere. It got so bad that I could not sit still at work, and I couldn’t sleep through the night – the pain was constant. I contacted Courtney in a panic because I was in such pain that I felt I couldn’t function normally. Now, I am not one to believe in amazing phenomena or miraculous healing. I honestly went in thinking that at best a massage could help reduce the pain for a while but in the back of my head I already came to terms with the fact that it would most likely come back the next day. I explained the situation to Courtney as well as the type and location of the pain, and she actually listened (I’ve been in many health related situations where I felt my health care provider didn’t take the time to listen to my concerns). Because she’s got some much training, education, and experience, she was able to immediately determine and target the specific areas that were causing the pain and use techniques to focus in on these points. At the end of an hour session with Courtney, I realized that I didn’t feel the pain in my legs anymore. I drove home thinking it would come back now that I was sitting, but it didn’t. I went to sleep thinking that the pain would wake me up in the middle of the night, but it didn’t. The pain never came back! 

This is not a miracle; it is the natural product of Courtney’s amazing abilities and extensive knowledge, combined with her compassion for her clients and the ability to truly listen to her clients about what they are experiencing. I recommend her to all of my family and friends because she is truly the real deal.
– Anna K.

Courtney, thank you for the relaxing massage last weekend! It was just what I needed, and THE KNOT quivers in fear at the very mention of your name. 🙂
– Kendra O.

Courtney, thank you for the awesome massage today! My shoulders don’t feel as tense as before, and I just feel so much more relaxed. You’re the best! Also, thanks for the info about the headaches. See you later!! = )
– Martha T.

Courtney + massage + me = awesome happy relaxed me! 
Courtney did such a great job! She made me feel so at easy and relaxed. I have been training recently, and Courtney was able to work on some stiff areas. It made such an improvement in my performance! Thank you Courtney!
– Lindsey G.

After a crazy relay race in Oregon (180 miles done by a lovely bunch of 12), I was a total sore mess… Courtney did an amazing job on my IT band and for my first official massage, I couldn’t be happier 🙂
– Flora R.

I just want to say THANK YOU so much for the wonderful massage! I had unbearable lower back and leg pain for the last 4 days, 24/7, to the point where I couldn’t sleep through the whole night because of the pain. I went home from my massage yesterday and didn’t feel any pain! Plus I slept through the whole night and woke up feeling great! Thank you!!
– Anna K.

Just received a massage from Courtney, I left feeling relaxed and peaceful. Courtney took the time to talk about my needs to personally custom fit the massage. Thanks!
– Daisy C.

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