They Look Like Big, Good, Strong Hands, Don’t They?

POSTED BY ginntree | 09.14.15

The other morning I threw a tantrum like a little baby while doing some chores around the house. I stopped myself before it got all full bells-and-whistles size, but I was still able to get a whyyyyyyyyyyne in with a bit of foot stomping. Things just kept falling out of my hands – garbage, detergent…whatever I was picking up! I felt like Rockbiter from Neverending Story (with a Robot Chicken twist).

UUUUUUUGH I was so frustrated! Thinking about it still makes my foot itch for a mini stomping. I would generally describe my adult self as fairly calm and laid back. Everyone has their moments, but in the last few years it seems as if those moments have come more frequently. What I notice about the timing of those moments is that they happen when I’ve let my defenses and shields become vulnerable.

Let’s back up a bit…

These last few years I’ve experienced more frequent and purposeful spurts of spiritual growth and transition. Astrologists and Spiritual Counselors have said this would be happening all around the world. Change affects us; some take it in stride, others (me) have a more difficult time and need a chance to recover from the transition. I find myself not sleeping well and being tired most of the time. We all know the downward spiral –


But if we embrace the change, we might be able to catch what’s happening to us. When our defenses are down and we become vulnerable, it’s important to make sure we take care of ourselves. Listen to our bodies. Listen to our hearts…what do we feel we can handle today? What is a necessary activity vs. one we can let go of? Who don’t we want to be around? What is something we can do, eat, read, experience that can gives us even a glimmer of happiness? DO THAT. Be gentle with yourself. Take a break…or five. And try to do the essentials: brush your teeth, shower every once in a while (please, I promise you’ll instantly feel better), drink water, and eat at least one healthy thing a day.

What helps you recover during your transitions?

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