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Reiki Tips: Everyday Uses

POSTED BY ginntree | 12.04.17

Regular use of Reiki, healing energy, and mindful intentions can have a positive impact on our lives. Whether or not you are attuned specifically to Reiki, anyone can charge or infuse everyday items with a healing intention and loving energy and benefit throughout their day. To charge or infuse something: While holding or hovering your hands over…

Reiki Precepts & Self Doubt

POSTED BY ginntree | 09.08.16

Just for today… ~ Be free of anger ~ ~ Be free of worry ~ ~ Work honestly ~ ~ Be grateful ~ ~ Be kind ~ This is a slightly different version of the Reiki Precepts. There are a few, but always with the same 5 points taught to all who learn Reiki. It…

How To Choose a Reiki Practitioner

POSTED BY ginntree | 08.11.16

How does one choose a Reiki Practitioner? I get asked this question a lot. I also want to reassure those who normally wouldn’t ask that they SHOULD ask. I feel it’s an important point to consider. I’ve had many clients as a social worker, massage therapist, and Reiki practitioner that were deterred from seeking services because their…

What are Familiars?

POSTED BY ginntree | 07.19.16

The term ‘familiar’ has many interpretations and a very rich history. Essentially familiars are animal companions or animal spirit guides in physical form with which we have a soul connection. They are often associated with witches and witchcraft. However, familiars are not limited to a type of lifestyle or belief system. Sometimes a familiar will…

Is Distance Reiki Just as Effective?

POSTED BY ginntree | 06.01.16

Many Reiki practitioners offer Distance Reiki sessions. What does that mean and does it work? First we must understand what Reiki is and how it works. The word “Reiki” breaks down to this: “Rei” – universal, trascendental spirit, essence “Ki” – Qi (Chi) or life force energy, the energetic building block of life Life force…

Reiki Tips: At Home Use

POSTED BY ginntree | 07.14.15

Can’t find time to make an appointment with your Reiki practitioner? Here are a few simple ways you can incorporate Reiki into your daily life to keep you going (many of these involve charging items with Reiki beforehand for use at any time): Bedtime As you lay in bed, set your intention, lay your hands in…


POSTED BY ginntree | 04.13.15

March was an especially reflective month for me and several other people in my life. Most of my self reflection focused on some of the more difficult and emotional moments in my past. I became tired but unable to sleep well. That exhaustion morphed into emotional vulnerability, making it very easy for someone or something to irritate me….