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Guest Blogger (Nami): Watching Karma (Part 2)

POSTED BY ginntree | 10.27.15

Weeks later and it’s still so quiet; the humming of printers and fax machines have been replaced with happy chit chat and regular outbursts of laughter. Friends at my prior job say a fog of gloom continues to permeate the air and my ex-supervisor is a symbol of deceit and mistrust. She is social by…

Guest Blogger (Nami): Fired at 48 (Part 1)

POSTED BY ginntree | 10.06.15

Seriously, I am 48 years old and was just fired today. I showed up for work a little after 7 a.m. and the HR person came to my cubicle and said she needed to talk to me and took me to her office. The bump-on-the-log owner of the company was already sitting there, looking like…