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Reiki Tips: Everyday Uses

POSTED BY ginntree | 12.04.17

Regular use of Reiki, healing energy, and mindful intentions can have a positive impact on our lives. Whether or not you are attuned specifically to Reiki, anyone can charge or infuse everyday items with a healing intention and loving energy and benefit throughout their day. To charge or infuse something: While holding or hovering your hands over…

Gassho Meditation

POSTED BY ginntree | 09.01.17

Dr. Usui practiced and taught his students to start and end the day with the Gassho Meditation. Gassho means “two hands coming together.” This meditation teaches us to focus on one point, helping us to center ourselves, quiet our minds, and strengthen our connection to Reiki and ourselves. I’ve included some of the Gassho Meditation variations. I…

Oh To Be Healthy…Blehhhh

POSTED BY ginntree | 06.02.17

I see a lot of clients, friends, and family who struggle to establish healthier habits. Many fret about their struggles and how they’ve had to neglect other areas of their lives while working to accomplish their goals. They’ll often run themselves down, throwing their energy and chakras out of balance. It’s a fabulous thing to want to do better, get…

Reiki Precepts & Self Doubt

POSTED BY ginntree | 09.08.16

Just for today… ~ Be free of anger ~ ~ Be free of worry ~ ~ Work honestly ~ ~ Be grateful ~ ~ Be kind ~ This is a slightly different version of the Reiki Precepts. There are a few, but always with the same 5 points taught to all who learn Reiki. It…

How To Choose a Reiki Practitioner

POSTED BY ginntree | 08.11.16

How does one choose a Reiki Practitioner? I get asked this question a lot. I also want to reassure those who normally wouldn’t ask that they SHOULD ask. I feel it’s an important point to consider. I’ve had many clients as a social worker, massage therapist, and Reiki practitioner that were deterred from seeking services because their…

What are Familiars?

POSTED BY ginntree | 07.19.16

The term ‘familiar’ has many interpretations and a very rich history. Essentially familiars are animal companions or animal spirit guides in physical form with which we have a soul connection. They are often associated with witches and witchcraft. However, familiars are not limited to a type of lifestyle or belief system. Sometimes a familiar will…

What Is Integrative Reiki?

POSTED BY ginntree | 03.09.16

What is Integrative Reiki? Is it different than a other Reiki sessions? Every Reiki practitioner has their own style. Because Reiki is so versatile, it can be given and received in a myriad of environments, positions, and potentially by anyone. Some practitioners use Reiki for self-care, others incorporate Reiki with traditional and alternative medicine, while some prefer to use…

Meditation Challenge(s)

POSTED BY ginntree | 12.07.15

I have always found meditation difficult, a fairly common sentiment. My challenges come in various forms – not being able to develop regular habits, an unusually high (and untimely) amount of itches and fidgets, having a great meditation one day and a really bad one the next, low confidence that I’m doing it well (or right)! I find…

Cords & Karmic Bands

POSTED BY ginntree | 06.17.15

One of my dear friends had a co-worker that wiggled her way into my friend’s comfort zone. It started out in a charming way, as many unhealthy relationships do. They became close very quickly, but just as quickly, this co-worker began to mother, smother, and criticize her. A strong note of jealousy blossomed from the co-worker as her true insecurities revealed themselves. My…


POSTED BY ginntree | 04.13.15

March was an especially reflective month for me and several other people in my life. Most of my self reflection focused on some of the more difficult and emotional moments in my past. I became tired but unable to sleep well. That exhaustion morphed into emotional vulnerability, making it very easy for someone or something to irritate me….