How to Make Contact With Your Spirit Guides

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There are many ways to communicate with Spirit. From person to person, this usually manifests differently. This is how I learned:

I had a high school friend who became a sort of mentor to me in our early college years, let’s call her Kim. She validated what I’d been feeling and allowed me to understand that I wasn’t alone in my intuition and beliefs of the spirit world. She had been communicating with Spirit and channeling energy for years when we opened up to each other. So when Kim told me about how she talks to her spirit guides I NEEDED TO KNOW EVERYTHING!

She tried talking with her guides a few times before really getting any results to speak of, but one day she made contact while in the shower (a place of calm and relaxation, I might add). She asked her guides to give her a “yes,” waited a bit, then felt a little nudge on one side of her body. She asked a couple more times just to make sure, which resulted in a rather impatient shove (oh, Spirit lol), and then went through the same process asking for a “no,” resulting in a nudge on a different part of her body.

I immediately started trying the same thing, but heeded her warning that it might not work in the beginning. It is important to stress that, although someone might feel ready, our subconscious or Spirit may disagree for a variety of reasons and have us wait until we are. This happens to me all the time. Perhaps we haven’t tuned in to our own senses and miss the signs, or there’s a part of us that is fearful or not quite open to the connection. I was determined to make my first attempts. I thought I felt some tingling, but my doubts overruled any signals there might have been because they were just too subtle for me. I tried several more times over the next few years, then forgot about it for a few more. It wasn’t until I began studying massage and Reiki that I remembered to try again. I had a renewed sense of self awareness and was in tune with my body and emotions as I’d never been before. Suddenly, the signals were much stronger.

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This isn’t to say that one needs to study Reiki or massage to be able to communicate with their guides. It happened to be what I needed to help me “listen” a little better. Here are some tips if you’re having some difficulty making first contact:

  • Meditation helps with self awareness and quieting the noise. This encourages us to be more open to communicating with Spirit and noticing their signals.
  • Observe – physical sensations, emotional feelings, any thoughts that pop up, visuals you see with your mind’s eye or physical eyes, etc.
  • If you don’t want to use your body as a pendulum, try using a traditional pendulum. Here are a couple ways to get you started:
    • Hold your pendulum over a flat surface and start asking for your “yes” and “no.” Take note of the different ways the pendulum starts to move.
    • Use a pendulum chart. There are so many different layouts to try! You can google some images and print the ones that speak to you, or simply draw a ‘YES —- NO’ on a spare piece of paper.
  • Try to play with it rather than thinking of it as a chore. See if Spirit will tell you which elevator will arrive first or which dress to wear on that hot date!
  • Pay attention to any patterns that seem to emerge. These tend to be Spirit’s way of communicating. Journaling is great way to be able to look back on your experiences and see the bigger picture.

Try not to get too frustrated. Remember that you may not notice anything in the beginning. It’s a new language that you and Spirit will develop together.

Do you have any tips for communicating with Spirit?

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