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One of my dear friends had a co-worker that wiggled her way into my friend’s comfort zone. It started out in a charming way, as many unhealthy relationships do. They became close very quickly, but just as quickly, this co-worker began to mother, smother, and criticize her. A strong note of jealousy blossomed from the co-worker as her true insecurities revealed themselves. My friend attempted to disassociate from her co-worker with great difficulty. Soon enough my friend’s lower back began hurting. She suspected the physical pain was being caused by the unhealthy energetic attachment (cord) from the co-worker. While I worked to pull the cord out during a Reiki session, I began receiving similar feelings and images, validating my friend’s impressions.

Gratisography2So what are Cords? Consider all the relationships we develop throughout our lives – to people, our pets, and even places. We have energetic attachments to all of these, which we refer to as Cords or Karmic Bands. Some are healthy. Sooommmmme…not so much.

We’ve all had relationships that held lingering feelings even when they’ve ended. It’s natural to continue holding attachments – wanted or not, consciously or not. We can’t control who attaches to us and, at times, who we attach to. What, then, can we do to ensure our attachments are healthy? We can work on energetically healing that bond, even withdraw and send it back to it’s original source with love. Sometimes those cords will find their way back, and when they do we can wash, rinse, and repeat.

What do Karmic Bands look like? What do they feel like? Try this simple meditation:

  • Close your eyes, breathe deeply several times, and become aware of your physical, mental, and emotional state.
  • Visualize or feel what the energy around you is like, specifically scanning for any cords radiating from your energy field – there may be more than one.
  • Focus on each one. What do they look like? What do they feel like.
    Are you the source, or is someone else?
  • Follow each Karmic Band to see who’s on the other end. What is the intention behind each cord?
  • As you send healing energy to the cord, also send love down through the cord to whomever is on the other side.
  • Let it detach so that it may find its way back to its owner, whether that be you or another person.


Maintaining healthy cords:

  • Begin in a similar fashion – breathing deeply and becoming aware of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally.
  • Scan your energy field for any Karmic Bands.
  • “Speak” to it, have a conversation with it regarding the intention of the attachment and any messages it brings.
  • Send thanks and love down the cord to the other side with the intention that this attachment be healthy for the duration of the relationship, for everyone’s highest good.

Of course, these are my preferred methods. Everyone has their own :). Try these meditations as starting points and let them evolve into what works best for you. And remember: not all cords are unhealthy, but it’s good practice to maintain the healthier cords so they continue to be healthy and don’t run away from us.

What are your experiences with maintaining your Karmic Bands?

All photos by Ryan McGuire via Gratisography.

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