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Empathy has been an especially big topic of discussion these last couple of years. I full-heartedly believe it is one of the most important ingredients in cultivating peace and love in this world.

We often lose sight of the humanity in people when interacting through a screen or watching from afar. To tap into the human experience and remain fully aware that there are actual people on the other side of that viral video or meme is the important part. Or that a group of protestors causing an inconvenience in traffic for a little while are actual human beings – humans whose lives, no matter how short, are a mishmash of substantive experiences that inform their perspectives and the opinions they’re posting about.

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Life. Experience. Connection…that’s the important part.

However, while I feel it’s always worth discussing, the real focus of this post is to explore another vein of empathy. The discussion of empathy usually shines a spotlight on how to understand what someone else might be going through. This inevitably implies focusing on understanding the negative situations someone goes through, which is beautiful, but what about empathizing the positive?

I’ve noticed a trend in many of my natural-caregiver-clients to shut themselves off from receiving help, loving acts, or generosity from others. I hear many of them admitting their feelings of guilt when someone spends money on them, even for a cup of coffee. Givers seem to have an aversion to accepting people’s offers of help and a feeling of becoming a burden manifests – something a giver hates to be.

So I ask: when you give, do you feel burdened or owed? Or do you give because you want to and you enjoy sharing your love?

If the latter, how would it change your mind if you considered that those offering similar gestures might feel the same way? That they probably want to give to you, to love you, and share something with you? All of our interactions produce a flow of energy. Turning down someone’s attempt to act in love pauses that flow. To receive is also to allow someone else the opportunity to give and complete the circle.

Allow yourself to receive. Allow yourself to accept a little love from someone who wants to give a little love. Allow yourself to be grateful for someone choosing you as the recipient. Let that energy flow and refill your Qi cup.

What are some ways you can receive more?

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