Gassho Meditation

POSTED BY ginntree | 09.01.17

Dr. Usui practiced and taught his students to start and end the day with the Gassho Meditation. Gassho means “two hands coming together.” This meditation teaches us to focus on one point, helping us to center ourselves, quiet our minds, and strengthen our connection to Reiki and ourselves.

I’ve included some of the Gassho Meditation variations. I encourage you to explore what works for you:

  • Sit or stand comfortably with your eyes closed
  • Place your hands together at your heart chakra (Gassho position)
  • Place your attention on
    • Your middle fingers
    • The tips of your middle fingers
    • Your hands
    • The Reiki energy flowing through your hands and fingers
  • Let all thoughts go
    • Breathe in through your nose, exhale with your whole being (physical, spiritual, mental, etheric)
  • If a thought enters your mind, observe it, then let it go and refocus by
    • Gently pressing your middle fingers together
    • Bringing attention to the space between your palms
  • Do this for
    • As little as 5 minutes
    • 10-20 minutes
    • 20-30 minutes
    • When guided to stop
    • For the initial 21 days of your 1st Reiki attunement

Some suggestions:

  • If your arms start to get tired, allow them to move to a comfortable position, while keeping the hands together.
  • If you need to adjust your sitting position, do so slowly. Keep your head up and your spine as straight as possible.
  • You may notice your hands and spine becoming warm or hot. Continue to focus on your chosen spot as much as possible.

It’s common, as one continues practicing Gassho, for people to automatically go into a state of meditation when they sit in the Gassho position. Happy meditating, friends.

What is your favorite meditation?

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