Guest Blogger (Nami): Watching Karma (Part 2)

POSTED BY ginntree | 10.27.15

Weeks later and it’s still so quiet; the humming of printers and fax machines have been replaced with happy chit chat and regular outbursts of laughter. Friends at my prior job say a fog of gloom continues to permeate the air and my ex-supervisor is a symbol of deceit and mistrust. She is social by nature, but people have curtailed their interactions with her to business only, and sometimes that doesn’t even include such pleasantries as “good morning.” It seems she’s having difficulty keeping up with her new workload (my old caseload), and that stress has seeped into every aspect of her life. Sometimes when it rains, it pours.

I have been extremely humbled by how much my former coworkers are showing their disapproval of my dismissal, as no one cares to break the ice even now to make the environment just a little more relaxed. It’s also been overwhelming to learn of the support I’ve received from the outside agency’s many staffers that I was hired to provide our services to. Most didn’t know the circumstances of my leaving, but they contacted my former director and owner to inform them of the outstanding service I’d provided and that they were very sorry to see me go. One commented that I was the best person they’d ever had in that position! Apparently no other employee of my former company has ever received compliments on their job performance by the agencies they provide services to. No one.

It was not my intention to turn this into an “I told you so” moment, the Universe did that all on its own. In turn, it also helped me restore my confidence.

My relationship with the Universe is much improved these days; I’m not so hesitant to ask for guidance and I’m more aware of the signs and signals that come my way. Most importantly, I’m learning to trust the messages being sent and I’m getting a whole lot of positive messages that I need to keep moving forward with!

Sometimes the best thing to do when you think everything is stacked against you is to do nothing. Just let things fall where they’re supposed to fall and you’ll be amazed how things land right where they’re supposed to land.

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11885768_1691657147729056_8765807207728813162_oNami Akemi

Nami lives in Northern California with her favorite two and four-legged men, Dad and Bahati (respectively). She’s an aspiring fiction writer whose law enforcement and social work experience helps inspire unique insight for her stories. Nami is currently in the midst of writing her first two manuscripts, so keep watch!

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