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POSTED BY ginntree | 09.10.14

First post! First post! First! Post! Therefore, welcome :). Well to start off, I want to thank the lovely people who made my awesome website and blog possible: Christine Lee and Shekhar Khedekar. Their patience (with me) and creativity are simply boundless – thanks friends <3!

So, what better subject to start a blog with than Love (awwwww)? Probably everyone has at least one person that they have dreadful, but frequent contact with, yes? Someone that evokes anger, eye-rolling, trash talk, and the want to hide? Fittingly, a Love Walk is the decision to Love this person…ACTIVELY.

I must credit an old boss for the title (though anonymity is maintained for all parties involved). My first Love Walk was an old co-worker. For years I allowed this person to annoy me. I spat contempt guised as jokes and sarcasm so they could laugh with me, unknowingly at their own expense – yet another layer of malice. A friend called me out one day, leading me to reflect on what I was actually doing. Hate and anger can be so easy that we often forget we’re partaking.

I realized I was so tired of hosting such negativity, that one day I decided I would really try to Love this person – if they talked to me I would sit, listen, and say nice things for as long as they wanted to interact. If I saw them in the halls I would say hello and maybe even chat a bit.

Don’t get me wrong, it was QUITE grueling in the beginning. The effort felt arduous at times, but I kept walking with Love and, oddly enough, I started to like this person…WHAT?! Cheesy and cliché, I know, but this person even expressed their appreciation of my friendship! If those aren’t results I don’t know what is. To this day I genuinely kind of miss them. I totally surprised myself.

Today I have a few new people I really need to put my hiking boots on for. I admit to getting lazy sometimes and allowing the negativity to seed and sprout. When I make that decision to come from Heart Space, though…well, you know.

Who’s your Love Walk? What are your experiences with it?

Photo credits:
1) Lillie Arroyo
2) Jacob Aguilar-Friend, via Unsplash

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