Reiki Precepts & Self Doubt

POSTED BY ginntree | 09.08.16

Just for today…

~ Be free of anger ~
~ Be free of worry ~
~ Work honestly ~
~ Be grateful ~
~ Be kind ~

This is a slightly different version of the Reiki Precepts. There are a few, but always with the same 5 points taught to all who learn Reiki. It is a mantra that practitioners use and teach. Something we attempt to live by every day. In my personal practice I repeat them three times at the start of my meditation. When I do this I always feel a sensation of release. Sometimes the feeling is from the top of my head down, sometimes it’s in specific areas. It’s a wonderful and simple reminder for me to be better, do better, and live beyond my human ego. Part of what I love about them is that their simplicity allows them to be adaptable to different situations.

These past holidays I went on vacation with some family. I was having a nice bonding moment with someone I don’t see very often and, consequently, don’t know too well. The conversation was wonderful and stimulating, but then I said something that seemed to shift the energy. Though I spoke from honesty and love, perhaps it was unwarranted advice. I’m not sure this person wanted to hear it, or perhaps they weren’t ready to hear what I had to say.


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My role in life has tended towards being the peace keeper. That role is something that I’ve learned to embrace, but still struggle with. Making peace, keeping the peace, and getting people to be at peace with each other is almost a compulsion of mine. However, I struggle to balance complete honesty and telling someone what they need to hear, with understanding what they’re ready to hear. People and what they need at any given moment can be very complex.

When I seemed to upset this person – someone who doesn’t always open up – I felt terrible. Selfishly, I began to worry and doubt myself…was I just some terrible, nosey know-it-all? The Reiki Precepts popped into my mind and I wondered: If I was trying to live by these precepts, how could they have steered me so wrong? How could I have alienated someone so badly? Could I trust them anymore?

As I continued to let the precepts run through my head I reminded myself that we cannot predict how others may react 100% of the time. We can only make sure we ourselves act without worry or anger, to be honest, and full of gratitude and kindness. Even when we follow the precepts, we still must be considerate and remember that this does not give us free rein to say whatever we believe to be true. Is it right for the situation? Is it right for that person? Is it appropriate for us to say anything at all? All we can do is try, and be compassionate when things go awry.


Photo credit: Evan Kirby via Unsplash

Things seem to be well between us. She never said anything, and perhaps I even made it up in my head. No matter, I’ll wish her peace, happiness, and healing in any case and remember to do better by her next time.

I used to think the Reiki Precepts were guidelines to live by, and, though I still believe that’s true, I’m seeing how my relationship with them is evolving. As I meditate more regularly with them, I see that they’re transforming into a healing tool for me. They’re helping me ground, cleanse, and be rid of the negativity that resides inside me, rather than what comes out of me. My holiday experience was a little heart wrenching, including the aftermath of questioning and doubting the precepts. I think a “crisis” in faith is sometimes needed, almost like bursting through the cocoon and re-emerging transformed.

Have you ever questioned your code of ethics or belief system? How did you emerge from the experience?

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