Luminary: Reiki-Infused Soy Candle


Luminary is a Reiki-infused soy candle with a scent base of sandalwood, topped with pine and cedar. Each candle comes with a sprinkle of lavender flowers, two raw Rose Quartz stones, and a healing intention.

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One of the things I love most about camping is the morning – waking up when nature tells you to, the smell of the wind, the early morning dew, the peace and quiet that city life rarely affords…one can really begin to ground and hear themselves again.

Surrounding you with a woody aura of sandalwood, pine, and cedar atop light floral drafts, Luminary was designed to reinforce spiritual rituals, one’s ability to ground, and aide in meditation, mental and emotional clarity, and relaxation. Additionally, each candle is charged with Reiki and a healing intention so that healing energy permeates its surroundings and those within its space. 

Two healing stones are immersed within each candle. Every stone is also charged with Reiki to enhance the stone’s natural healing properties. The type of stones included may change from batch to batch depending on availability.

Cheers to you,

“This scent makes my husband and I want to “Do Work” both mentally and physically. When I smell it I feel like I’m hearing an “OM” frequency. Would love to have crystal bowls humming in the background as I journal or read. I feel like whatever I’m doing with this scent will be very introspective.”
– Nicole I., Kundalini Reiki Master

“I took a sacred bath the other night with the presence of the Luminary candle! I will tell you, when I first opened this one, I did not like it…but when it is burning, it is the most beautiful fragrance! Soft and firm…grounded, protective, safe! It is so very grounding and visually comforting and beautiful!”
– Sherry I., Kundalini Reiki Master, Owner of Dragonfly Inspirations

These candles are hand poured in Sacramento, CA, using American grown and ethically sourced cosmetic grade soy wax. Each candle is approximately 5 fluid oz, with an average burn time of 15-20 hours. Small imperfections and differences will occur due to the handcrafting process.

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Dimensions 4 x 4 x 3 in


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