Temple: Reiki-Infused Soy Candle


Temple is a Reiki-infused soy candle with scents of blackberry, sage, and hints of clover, ginger, and orange. Each candle comes with two raw Amethyst stones and a healing intention.

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The cleansing fragrances of blackberry and sage are reminiscent of a walk through ancient mountains, thick with fog. Temple was conceived to help nourish one’s intuition, clarity, spiritual growth, and awareness, all while clearing out negative energies to create a sacred space for you to just BE. Each candle is charged with Reiki and a healing intention so that healing energy permeates its surroundings and those within its space.

Two healing stones are immersed within each candle. Every stone is also charged with Reiki to enhance the stone’s natural healing properties. The type of stones included may change from batch to batch depending on availability.

Cheers to you,

“OMG, all of these candles smell amazing! And they all have a purpose! I purchased Temple because I absolutely need clarity and to cleanse the bad energy away from my personal space. I couldn’t wait to light that baby up when I got home. I didn’t care about the hot weather. It’s sitting right next to me at my work desk shimmering bright like a diamond and making the whole house smell like good vibes RIGHT NOW. Yes, it is very fragrant. Store bought 3-wick candles don’t even compare. I promise you, this is the best candle I’ve ever owned and it serves a massive purpose. I will be returning for the rest of these. I LOVE THEM!”
– Carla C., Owner of ZellyMarz

“Temple is so sweet, like pie that I wanted to eat. The timing of this candle was perfect…I needed it…instant purification and cleanse!”
– Sherry I., Kundalini Reiki Master, Owner of Dragonfly Inspirations

“Immediately loved the smell. Could not stop smelling. When this candle is burning I feel calm, happy, introspective. The word “serene” comes to mind.”
– Nicole I., Kundalini Reiki Master

These candles are hand poured in Sacramento, CA, using a natural and renewable soy and cotton blend wax. Each candle is approximately 5 fluid oz, with an average burn time of 15-20 hours. Small imperfections and differences will occur due to the handcrafting process.

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Dimensions 4 x 4 x 3 in