What people are saying…

“Absolutely loving these reiki infused candles from @ginntree! They smell wonderful, make me feel very peaceful, and have a long lasting, delicate fragrance that lasts! Thank you Courtney!”
– Carmen H., Science Badass

“LOVE LOVE LOVE!! These are amazing!! Absolutely gorgeous! And they smell so yummy…and most importantly…they FEEL good…I immediately felt so excited and joyful as soon as I opened the package! I have purchased a lot of candles in my life…including some handcrafted in Awareness…but these are truly the most loving and sacred candles I’ve experienced.  I can literally feel all you have poured into these! And I wil treasure these gifts.”
– Sherry I., Kundalini Reiki Master, Owner of Dragonfly Inspirations

“I really enjoyed all of the scents. I would prefer these over traditional candles. Side note…I loved burning Temple and Sanctuary together. Makes my heart happy.”
– Nicole I., Kundalini Reiki Master

“What a great candle! The scent is rich and light and does not have that smokey smell after you blow it out like some candles do. It’s just pretty to look at, too! Love it, thank you☺”
– Nancy I., Nonprofit Employment Coordinator

“OMG, all of these candles smell amazing! And they all have a purpose! I purchased Temple because I absolutely need clarity and to cleanse the bad energy away from my personal space. I couldn’t wait to light that baby up when I got home. I didn’t care about the hot weather. It’s sitting right next to me at my work desk shimmering bright like a diamond and making the whole house smell like good vibes RIGHT NOW. Yes, it is very fragrant. Store bought 3-wick candles don’t even compare. I promise you, this is the best candle I’ve ever owned and it serves a massive purpose. I will be returning for the rest of these. I LOVE THEM!”
– Carla C., Owner of ZellyMarz