Spirit and Reiki

POSTED BY ginntree | 10.02.17

As my clients settle in for their Reiki session, I let them know they can invite a supportive being to be present for their healing at any time during their session – God, a deceased loved one, their spirit guide, etc. Sometimes the invited will have a message for my client, while others simply want to be present and not interfere.

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I’ve found that people can sometimes be hesitant or unsure about asking for spiritual support, but their soul can make a request without realizing. It can be very healing to receive confirmation that your departed loved ones are still with you. They, like your angels, want to help and guide you. People often feel awkward asking for help…especially to something invisible. Reiki can make it easier for Spirit to show themselves or be felt because of the safe and sacred environment that Reiki helps create, allowing us to be more open to the loving and healing energies around us.

If you’re interested, I encourage you to take a moment when you’re alone, hold the intention to communicate only with those of love and light and for the highest good of all, think of a specific person, and then just say, “Hi.” That’s it, start with “hi” and see where that takes you.

Have you felt your deceased loved ones hanging about?

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IMG_3218Courtney Ginn is a certified Reiki Practitioner in Sacramento, CA. She combines her Usui and Practical (Kundalini) Reiki training with various modalities to create personalized sessions for her human and animal clients alike.

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