Theme Songs

POSTED BY ginntree | 01.22.15

There is rarely a time when a song isn’t playing in my head. It’s fairly non-stop to be honest. The song often reflects my mood…or does the song affect my mood? Interesting question.

Music is a powerful thing! If you’ve ever had a bad break up, you’re probably pretty familiar with the I-just-wanna-listen-to-My-Immortal-because-Evanescence-is-the-only-one-who-knows-how-I’m-feeling-right-now-is-that-too-much-to-ask?! phase. Or maybe you’re (I’m) a 30-something remembering fond memories of her childhood every time Michael Jackson comes on the radio…dancing…singing in the car like a mad woman with onlookers from neighboring cars.

Music is the universal language. It is one of the easiest ways we’re able to connect and relate to each other.

Anyone remember that 90’s show, Ally McBeal? It was the first time I’d heard the concept of a personal theme song. It got me thinking about what my theme song would be. Which song sums me up – is there one? Which song expresses and supports my soul? You guessed it – BOOTYLICIOUS wuuuuuuut?!

I’ve always been a bit on the rounder and heavier side, and trying to not let the stresses and pressures of the media and social standards get to you can be tiring. In my vulnerable moments, I blast this song in my head or out loud and sing along, sing it proud, and dance with my arms and legs flailing like a whacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man! And wow, does it really turn my mood around – it can be a very meditative experience.

Of course it’s not my only theme song. During various times of my life, songs come and go, but this one has remained constant and very dear to my heart.

I give you, Destiny’s Child’s Bootylicious:

What’s your theme song(s)?

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