What are Familiars?

POSTED BY ginntree | 07.19.16

The term ‘familiar’ has many interpretations and a very rich history. Essentially familiars are animal companions or animal spirit guides in physical form with which we have a soul connection. They are often associated with witches and witchcraft. However, familiars are not limited to a type of lifestyle or belief system. Sometimes a familiar will appear in your life whether you like it or not!

IMG_0885Have you ever met someone you recognize, yet you’re sure you’ve never met or seen them before? This is usually a sign that your souls know each other – they’re familiar (see what I did there?). It is the same for our animal friends. Some believe they are soul companions that come to us in animal form, always returning to us throughout our lives. Others believe they protect us, or help to guide us at various times in our lives. I’ve come to experience that trying to define matters of the soul and energies can never be concrete…but that’s a discussion for another time.

Not everyone may have need or even desire a familiar in this lifetime. However, those that do come into our lives play various roles from us helping them, them helping us, companionship, karma debt, or any number of things. We may have many different familiars in each lifetime or one that returns to us over and over. No matter which, their purpose is unique to them. Your relationship to each other is unique to the both of you.

The main thing to know is that your souls know each other. They are or become attuned to you – your emotions, your needs, and they respond intuitively to help you in any way they can.

Sometimes you’ll come across an animal companion that doesn’t quite seem familiar, but somehow you were brought together and a bond was formed. These may be new ‘familiars’ – new souls you have a connection with, but which you can count on to return to you again in the future.625546_10101724091698243_462848792_n

If you’d like to ‘call’ your familiar to you, meditation is a great way to connect with your spirit guides, including your animal spirit guides. There are many variations on this type of meditation, but you can try this one to start, and mold it as you feel you need to:

After you settle into your meditation, make an intention to meet your familiar or animal spirit guide. Visualize yourself walking in a environment that feels safe and sacred to you – a beach, forest, your backyard, etc. Eventually you come across a path. Follow the path until you see a bench. Sit at the bench for a little while and wait to see if someone or your familiar comes down the path. If they do, have them sit and talk with you for a bit. Ask if they have any messages for you. If one doesn’t come by, continue along the path and see if anyone else comes along for you to speak with and ask for any messages.

It’s OK if your familiar doesn’t come to you during the meditation, you can try again later. The intention is set and your request has been heard. It can take a little while for things to manifest.

So how do you know if you’ve met your familiar? People tell stories of their familiar “choosing” them. Stories such as animals that arrive out of the blue and repeatedly return for no apparent reason. Or a mutual slow-motion-running-towards-each-other moment when looking to adopt a dog. These instances are common, but not necessary. The connection, the song your heart sings when you meet that one particular companion…you’ll know.

Have you met your familiar? I’d love to hear your story!

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